Face Makeup In Five Minutes

it's easy to make a face that is presentable to the world in five minutes, says Sharnia from designerlashes.co.uk. The key is to have a plan and to use products that can do double duty.

There are those mornings when things just don't go right. Maybe the alarm clock didnt go off or it was ignored. Perhaps the daily getting ready routine was running smoothly until something unexpected happened. Whatever the reason, its easy to make a face that is presentable to the world in five minutes or less.

Moisturizer, Tint and Sunscreen

N.V. Perricone, M. D. Cosmeceuticals Active Tinted Moisturizer This multitasking product comes in three shades, light, medium and dark. A light cream, it goes on very quickly and smoothly. It has an SPF of 15, which is the minimum recommended protection level for daily wear. Available in a 1.7 fl oz tube for $48 from perriconemd.com.

Dr. Perricone is fairly well known from his books and television appearances. Hes a proponent of DMAE and the antioxidants alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C ester. All three are contained in this product. Very fast free ground shipping on all orders over $75. Otherwise, ground costs $7.50. Its not necessary to pay extra for expedited shipping with this vendor ground routinely arrives within 3 days of order.

Juicy Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer

For a less costly product thats also 95% organic, try Juicy Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer. It has a higher SPF than Perricones Active Tinted Moisturizer; unfortunately, it only comes in two shades light and medium. It could be mixed with a darker foundation but that would defeat the purpose of getting makeup on in less than five minutes. Juicy Beauty also contains alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, and Vitamin C. Available online through beauty.com for $29.

Under Eye Concealer/Finishing Touch

If you are running behind because of a late night and you need to perform some under eye magic, Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil can do double duty as both an under eye concealer and as a finishing touch over the entire face.

Mineral Veil comes in three colors: regular, tinted and feather light. If not sure which shade is best, visit a participating location to be shade-matched. It comes in a .06-ounce container that seemed to last forever and is available online and brick and mortar for $19.

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Makeup, a slightly less costly alternative, is available at all larger drug store chains for $14. This product comes with a built in brush (Bare Escentuals sells their brushes separately) in ten different colors from light ivory to cocoa.

Blush/Lipstick/Eye Shadow

Nars Blush in Orgasm was so popular when it first came out it was difficult to keep in stock. If looking for a high quality, all-purpose powder blush that flatters just about all skin types and tones this is the product! The blush is a peachy-pink color and comes in a black compact weighing .16 ounces. Brush it on the upper lids for a neutral tone eye shadow.

Really multitask for a few dollars more by purchasing NARS The Multiple in Orgasm. The Multiple comes in a very handy, transportable cream tube that covers all the bases its an eye shadow, blush and lipstick all rolled into one product. If really on the run, this product can be thrown in the purse to apply in the ladies room at the office.

Both Nars products are available online at amazon.com. The powder blush retails for $25; the multitasking tube retails for $37.

Use a minimalist approach test run on the weekend to make sure the makeup products combine properly and the look is not too unmade. Then keep them separately from other cosmetics so they can be reached for by rote on those hectic mornings.

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Day Spa – Treatments To Erase Wrinkles

For those who want immediate results without invasive procedures, a good Day Spa facial treatment is the most effective method for erasing wrinkles.Results depend on the type of treatment you go for, but the best facials are those that provide natural looking, immediate, visible results. The following are some of the best wrinkle treatments available.

Laser Genesis Facial Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Laser Genesis is an effective treatment for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking large pores, and other skin conditions such as scars and rosacea. With a Laser Genesis treatment, light penetrates deep into the skin where collagen is produced stimulating new collagen production. New collagen production encourages healthier, younger looking skin. Skin becomes soft, smoother, and brighter.

Laser Genesis is safe for all skin types. There is no downtime and its an economical method for younger looking skin. This treatment is also excellent for clearing acne and reducing the appearance of acne damage.

Photo Light Facial Improves the Texture of Skin

Another treatment is the Photo Light Facial. This treatment provides a high range of pulsed red and infrared light wavelengths that work to repair and replace damaged tissue. By repairing the outer layers of the skin's surface, such as sun damage and age spots, Photo Light Treatments provide noticeably healthy, younger-looking skin.

Photo Light Facials are safe for all skin types and do not require any recovery time. Results are noticeable right after the first treatment.

Titan Laser Treatment Tightens Skin Naturally

The Titan treatment is a procedure that eliminates sagging, resulting in younger and healthier looking skin. This treatment works by stimulating collagen production below the top layer of the skin, creating firmer, tighter skin. The treatment allows the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally. Skin tightens without looking pulled as with invasive cosmetic procedures. The Titan laser treatment provides improved results over time as the collagen continues to develop.

The Titan laser treatment is FDA approved and an amazing alternative to surgery and it works on all body parts including the face, neck, arms, and stomach. Results are immediate and ongoing and there is no downtime.

The above treatments are excellent for removing wrinkles. The facials are non-invasive and are considered lunchtime-type treatments that provide fast results. Numbers of treatments vary according to the condition of the skin, anywhere from one to four visits plus and annual maintenance. Although costs vary by city, Day Spa treatments are considerably cheaper than plastic surgery or injections plus the added benefit of making skin care products provide better results.

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Designer Wedding Dress Shopping Tips For The Surrey Bride

Next to selecting the perfect groom, choosing the perfect dress is the second most important decision a woman makes for her wedding. If you want a designer dress to wear on your special day, youll be thrilled to know that Miss Bush designer wedding dresses surrey carries high-class labels like Jenny Packham and Cymbeline. Trying to pull off a 50s theme?

You can also get romantic Rosa Clara creations in this store. This Spanish label is hard to find in the UK. If you want a designer dress but dont want to spend all of your wedding money on it, heres a valuable tip: Check out sample sales. This way, you can get a gorgeous gown for less than 50% of the actual price.

Another helpful tip is to bring a second pair of eyes to check, double check, and re-check for any missing beads or stains. Also, if youre getting a sample dress thats not in your size, determine how much the alterations are going to cost you. You mightve been better off buying a dress in its original price.

On the other hand, you can choose to buy a dress from a store that offers free dry cleaning and remedial work for dresses purchased in sale price. Miss Bush, for instance, makes sure that sample dresses are brought back to almost perfect condition before handing them over to you. This means that they take care of stuff like missing buttons and damaged loops.

Angelina Colarusso, designer wedding dresses surrey, is another one of the major bridal shops, which have regular sample sales. Angelina Colarusso stocks intricate and lacy Paloma Blanca and Stella York designs for women who want to look sweet and sexy at the same time.

Looking for a tea length dress?

This shop also sells the award-winning British label LouLou. Are you a Boho bride? Youll gush over this stores collection of Willowby bridal wear. If youre lucky enough to bag these labels for a bargain through a sample sale, just remember that most sale goods are not likely to be eligible for a refund.

For the traditional bride, Sophia Tolli gowns are all about classic designs with a touch of drama. This label can be found in Confetti and Lace in Surrey along with other dream designers like Justin Alexander whose creations the modern bride will love. Other popular places for brides to be are The Secret Dress Shop designer wedding dresses surrey and Toni Bridal Company in Wallington. The former carries the vintage-inspired designs of Charlie Brear with gowns circa 1910 to 1940 to 1970. It also stocks a dreamy collection of the Australian brand Essense.

Planning a royal wedding?

Nicki Macfarlane designed the dresses for the Duchess of Cambridges bridal party. A shop in Surrey called Harrington and Cleur carries this label along with an excellent selection of exclusive wedding dresses. A fair warning: When stepping inside one-stop-shops like Angelina Colarusso and Toni Bridal, you might be tempted to go all the way and shop for bridal accessories, shoes, perfumes, and even bridesmaids dresses. The good news is that both shops offer wide selections, which aim to cater to different brides with different budgets.

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The Relation Between Bodybuilding And Human Growth Hormone You Should Know

To discover more about HGH supplement for sale now visit http://www.besthghforsale.com.

HGH Costs Finally, there is likewise the issue that bodybuilding HGH injections cost excessive and not all items are as excellent as they declare to be. The injections can just be administered by a certified expert often times a week. All this suggests countless dollars each month. It is rather popular that numerous professional athletes and bodybuilders struggle with adverse effects of fake HGH injections.

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Understand Cosmetic Dentistry


Healthy teeth are a sign of good health. Today everybody wants to move beyond healthy teeth and have good looking teeth. This is made possible by cosmetic dentistry. There are several options to choose from if individuals want their teeth to look beautiful.

There is no doubt that cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. Even a few reality shows have given us an inside view of how a dentist can transform almost anyone’s smile into the beautiful bright smile that most of us have always dreamed about.

There are several choices available for cosmetic dental work and your dentist will be able to help you determine which one will work the best in transforming your smile.

Teeth Whitening - Also called teeth bleaching can brighten and whiten your teeth from discoloration and / or staining. This procedure can be done in the dental office or at home. Not everyone’s teeth can be bleached, so it is very important to check with your dentist first.

Veneers - Veneers are a thin shell made out of porcelain or composite material. They are custom made and cemented to the front side of the tooth. A veneer can be used to treat dental conditions such as a slightly crooked tooth, discolored teeth, chipped teeth or even to cover spaces in between the teeth. Sourced from:http://dentistry.about.com/od/cosmeticdentistry/a/cosmetictypes.htm

There are very many reasons for people to desire beautiful teeth and bright smiles. These results do not just happen. There are different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures that must be done.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be one of the simplest and least expensive ways to improve your smile. Teeth can be bleached with in-office products in your dentist’s office for about $500, or you can buy a mold and gels from your dentist to bleach your teeth at home. There are also whitening products available over-the-counter at retail stores for convenient at-home whitening: whitening toothpastes, paint-on gels, rinses, strips, and trays. These products together run about $3 - $50.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored porcelain or resin that cover the front surface of the teeth. After removing about a half-millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface, these thin shells are bonded (cemented) to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length. Veneers are often called “Hollywood teeth." Living up to that name, this process can cost up to $500-$1,300 per tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Bonding

In dental bonding, a tooth-colored putty-like resin, which is a durable plastic material, is applied to the tooth and hardened with an ultraviolet or laser light, bonding the material to the tooth. Your dentist then trims, shapes, and polishes it. Bonding can repair decayed, chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth; it is also a good cosmetic alternative to, or replacement for, amalgam or silver fillings. Bonding takes about 30 to 60 minutes, and $100 to $400, per tooth. Sourced from:http://crest.com/en-us/oral-care-topics/whitening/types-of-cosmetic-dentistry

Most people assume that cosmetic dentistry is all about looking good. This field is even associated with the rich and famous who have to ensure they are always looking good while in the spot light. Truth is every now and then, a person with dental problems will need cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry offers many advanced techniques to help patients. Here are a few of the ways that cosmetic dentists can give your smile a lift:

Replace missing teeth

Whether you have a few tooth gaps or a mouthful of missing teeth, a cosmetic dentist can restore your smile with natural looking tooth restorations. Dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures have all been used successfully to fill unsightly gaps in smiles.

Whiten teeth

Research shows that professional tooth whitening is safer and more effective than do-it-yourself remedies. It is perhaps the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure currently. Almost every cosmetic dentist offers a wide variety of in-office or take-home tooth whitening systems for a brightened, stain-free smile.

Reshape teeth

If you feel that your teeth are too pointy, worn down, or oddly shaped, a cosmetic dentist can use one of many cosmetic dentistry techniques to reshape your teeth for a more pleasing look. Porcelain veneers are often used because they can be shaped exactly as you and your cosmetic dentist decide.

Restore damaged teeth

Years of wear and tear on your teeth can be revealed through cracks, chips, or discoloration. Cosmetic dentists use procedures such as bonding or porcelain veneers to cover the damage and enhance the look of the tooth. For more severe damage such as badly decayed or broken teeth, a dental crown provides a natural-looking tooth restoration that offers important structure and support. Sourced from:http://crowncouncil.com/why-visit-a-cosmetic-dentist

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